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So, we will leave you with an artist and video we absolutely lover hewe at Itchy Pig Manner. Ladies and gentleman, Mr Billy Preston.

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Trigoney – BongCong EP

Play the music, not the instrument. 
~Author Unknown

We stumbled upon Trigoney aka Mark North a few months back while hazily browsing through a stack of music that had been sent to us. After getting rather flustered by piles of nonsense we were taken back back the mesmirising sound of Bong Cong. Straight away we were hooked and got in touch that instant.

This EP will not fail. Each track is truely defiant on what uniqueness Trigoney holds.  The first track (entitled Bruce) is of a tech-house flavour but with more melody than what is normally associated with this genre.

Varying through styles and tempos, the second track kind of slows the sense of speed down, until it kicks into a blunder half way through.

The third and final track of the EP comes the track in which the EP got the title, and has to be my personal favourite.  BongCong is the more chilled of the trio, an is mesmerising from start to finish.

Mark is probably known more for his artwork than his music (I think that might change soon however).  An illustrator based in Bournmouth you will surely be hearing his music through various avenues and platforms. So sit back and enjoy the wonderful sound of Mr North aka Trigoney.

The release is out exclusivly through Juno records this Friday (16th September), and out everywhere else from the 23rd September: http://www.junodownload.com/products/1782262-02.htm

So there you have it.  Support the artists, the labels and the people that make and push true music.

One love, music and soul,

Itchy Pig Records x

Movies, scores and themes alike…

“A painter paints his pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.”
Leopold Stowoski

A short while ago I posted a little question up on Facebook. Now I have to be outspoken about that site, it inflames me a little if I’m honest. Now I’m not going to spill out this whole post rabbiting on about the damn thing. I just cannot see the point in letting everyone know I had toast for breakfast. But don’t get me wrong, it can be useful at times.

So much so when I produced a little question asking what are people’s favourite film score, soundtracks, or TV theme. The results that poured through were dam-busting. Within about an hour or so there must have been around 25 – 30 replies. I love the way in which people get enthralled and energetic regarding such topics. Probably why all my life I have force fed every type of music down my earlobian-gob.

This blog entry is aimed to give you an insight to what I thought was the best entries. Not to say the other ones are wrong in any way shape or formal. But it is my blog and therefore should be portrayed from my point of view, whether right or wrong.

Theme from Fletch:

Now this was sent to me a short while ago when I posted the Mythical Beasts ‘Communicate’ track as they pointed out that the synth medleys sounded similar (and yes, I did concur). The theme from Fletch was produced by Harold Faltermeyer. He also composed and wrote the theme tunes to many other 80s synth anthems such as Beverly Hills Cop’ Axel F (Awful but catchy I might add) and Top Gun Anthem (not the Kenny Loggins tune). He has also worked with the likes of Patti LaBelle (she recorded the Grover Washington balled “The best Is Yet To Come” while also appearing in The Colour Purple (another great film score from the great Mr Quincy Jones)), Blondie, Donna Summer and Bonnie Tyler to name but a few.

Lalo Schifrin – from Dirty Harry, Scorpio’s View

Now the whole reason I asked the question in the first place was because of two artists I was listening to that day. The first being Henry Mancini (who I will be covering down the line) followed by Lalo Schifrin. Now between the two of them and Mr Quincy, that covers around 70% of themes right there. There is no denying just how much talent these 3 had. Lalo wrote the themes to many of the classic films you know and love to this day: Bullit, Black Widow, Enter The Dragon, Most Wanted, Jaws, The Four Musketeers and more recently Mission Impossible and Rush Hour 2. A personal favourite however, although not a theme tune is Unicorn which he did with Dizzy Gillespie:

La Haine

I absolutely love this film. I first watched this when I was in school and we covered it for a French lesson and I was hooked from then (I still ended up failing my French exam mind). Above is Larry Blackmon’s Cameo push of Cardiac Arrest aka Funk Funk.

Another great of the film is Beastie Boys doing Groove Holmes

The film itself is based around the riots that break out in Vaulx-en-Velin, a depressed suburb of the French city Lyon, caused by anger from the killing of a young male in a car chase by the police. So with that in mind, you’d be surprised it features the disco gem by Ripple ‘The Beat goes On – A bongo-tastic vibe similar to The Incredible Bongo Band’ Apache. Well, until the vocals kick in mind.

Now being a great digger of Hip Hop originals for many years (I seem to own more originals than I do actual hip hop tracks), I had to include the battle routine performed by Cut Killer.

But what better way to do so with the opening of this little vid to feature That Loving Feeling by Isaac Hayes – being about films, let’s not forget the full score he did for Shaft.

Bladerunner – Vangelis

I put this one in here as I am working on a project with a good friend of mine which sounds very similar to this. The project, although not intentional, is sounding very much like a film score. With his likings of soundtracks and my passion for audible pictures, it is understandable why this has come about. So watch this space.


It’s amazing how quickly I forget things. I loved this film when I watched it a while back. When looking for the video to this, the one I found mentioned Burt Reynolds. This threw me off track a little and a little confused I started searching the internet. What amused me was the first thing that popped up was a take-away delivery service called; well you guessed it, Deliverance. After chuckling to myself I found the evidence there and then of the super-tasched Reynolds.

Enrico Nicola Mancini aka Henry Mancini

As most of the above were suggestions by other people, I have to end with my personal best (well, favourite for today’s mood anyhow) and as such is a person rather than a theme – Henry Mancini.

In case you don’t recognise his name (which I believe you should – no, honestly you should) then he is the one who wrote Pink Panther (of which Quincy did a great cover of).

He started by studying music but got drafted into the second world war. Once Hitler committed suicide with his newly married mistress, Mancini was free at last (he wasn’t captured by the way, just needed to point that out) to pursue his ultimate passion – music. After the war, he briefly joined the Glen Miller Orchestra as a pianist and arranger, and then moved to Universal Studios where, incredibly, he contributed music to well over 100 movies. His first awarded being The Glen Miller Story. After his time with Universal, he placed many titles under his belt. However he was mostly know for the likes of Peter Gunn, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, and Hitchcock’s film Frenzy (which was replaced at the last minute with Ron Goodwin’s work).

My favourite however has to be that of Baretta; which was an American detective series which featured a real-life New Jersey police officer David Toma. The version I am most fond of is the one done Mr Mancini.

So there you have it.  It is by no means a list of soundtrack scores suggested at the time.  It is by no means the ultimate list nor a selection of the best.  More of a snap-dhot of what was mentioned on that day.

Once love,

Leeroy aka Sir Vinyl Instinct
Itchy Pig Records

Sephirot – Broken Contact EP

“Music is replacing religion”
Dr Clive Marsh

Sephirot (Hebrew for enumerations) is the 10 emanations through which God reveals himself.  Dr Clive Marsh of the University Of Leicester has been studying the relationship between religion and popular culture for the past 15 years.  He reported that “People use music to explore the philosophical and ethical issues of the modern world”.

If this is the case (and I believe this to be a great understanding and interpretation of the modern world in which we live) then there is a new Ein Sof in town.  He just so happens to have the same name.  This is the second coming of Sephirot.

A young talent based in Leeds and Bristol, Dan (the name given to his human form) has been compared to many of the greats of modern electronica such as Joker, Floating Points, Harmonic 313 and Flying Lotus to name but a few.  From hearing his work you can instantly understand the passion in which music is involved in this mans heart – this IS his religion.

While thinking of how I could describe his music, my head was filled with all the usual poetry: unique, outstanding, creative.  However none of them (and let’s face it, they are pretty obvious and mundane phrases anyhow) summed up his style up in a flash.  Then after a brief moment of mental silence it hit me – Inimitable!  His varying and outlandish drum patterns, his odd yet stunning melodies and simply just the structure and sequence of his tracks are truly, well, inimitable.

It’s all about doing your own thing.  Mix that with limitless passion and drive to make what you love, this is the end product.

Ears and minds welcome to the un-missable and inimitable sounds of Sephirot.

The full EP will be out later in the year through Itchy Pig Records (ITCHY017)

One love to all the music heads,

IP Music

Toby Tobias

Music has charms to sooth a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.
William Congreve 

Now I must start by saying (well admitting really) that I have in my view a strange approach to music.  Artists that have built a solid name for themselves I often momentarily avoid.  Now this can sometimes lead me to miss out on classic sounds (obviously) that I am unaware who has created them.

I have always worked on the premise of finding the sounds involved within music.  When getting into house music I would concentrate more on who the samples were rather than the actual creator.  I have done this since I was about 16 and will probably do this for the rest of my life.  It isn’t out of ignorance that I sometimes ignore the people putting the bits together.  Like I said it is a strange approach – I simply like the elements involved.

In doing things this way, like I mentioned, I subconsciously avoid the person at the forefront due to my mind thinking hard about the elements.  That was definitely the case when I came across Toby Tobias.

It was a hazy Saturday night with friends scattered around our home.  Most (as usual) were congregated in the kitchen (probably due to this being where the booze is mind) when a friend came running in from he living room.  “Come check this!” (this being one of his catchphrases by the way).  Off I went.  Sat down, ears prepped, I waited for that favourite triangle to be pressed.

It started with a crash.  Then the gated beat commenced.  A steady uprising of breathing sounds used instead of claps.  Cowbells steadily introduced as the groove entices you into wanting more. An unusual and wonderful drive of what a lot of people would describe as Techno (it’s not, it’s deep house in essence but we’ll save that for another day).  But this is just the beginning.  After wondering where the journey will take us, the pads hit your ears.  Bang!  The tracks has taken a turn… for the great – welcome to intelligent dance music.  Welcome to IDM.


The track of course is none other that the release on Tirk Records, Chick Chick.  From here on in I was hooked.  Now I have to say that browsing through his catalogue that not all is like this.  And this is the sign of true talent.  Not all of it you will like.  When people create sounds for their own enjoyment, their true passions and enjoyment is at the forefront of their creations.  No two tracks are the same and In my opinion is how music should be.  Create for yourself and those that like it will listen.

Fast forward and we are now at Electric Elephant.  The opening boat party, we are presented with two greats presenting their findings for their Love From Outer Space movement.  A night that never knowingly crosses the 120bpm border.  I am of course talking about Sean Johnston & Andrew Weatherall.  The boat sets sail and Sean begins with this audio astonishment of melody and atmosphere.  “who the hell is this” I ask.  Mythical Beasts was replied.

The moment I hit back in the UK I piloted myself across the many pages of the web and was astonished to see that it was a collaboration of two minds – Felix Dickinson and of course, Mr Tobias.  This was around the time I started this blog and had to use this track as the opening to my words.  The track, Communicate.

Quality ears, sound chap.

Itchy x

Chrome Hand EP – Boogie Originals

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without”

Stu Robinson (Cosmic Boogie) and Andy Ash is the combination needed to produce the great findings of Boogie Originals. The two minds over Originals HQ have come together to produce their third in the series which is another collection of greatness indeed – Chrome Hand EP is here.

The first two tracks are presented by none other than the newly greats on the scene – Deep Space Orchestra. I first came across these about a year and a half ago and have been impressed with them ever since. Their style is my opinion is a modern twist to how house felt like in the mid to late 90s. Their progressive flow of arrangement and melodic orchestral movements entice you from the start, and this release is no different.

The second track is Ben Sun’s remix of the aforementioned. This is modern house vibes at their finest. The chords and stings are beautifully constructed and the twisted percussion just flows greatly with the feeling of the track. Without a doubt this is my personal favourite of the whole release.

That doesn’t mean however that rest are lacking somewhat. You only need to approach the next track to have this proven. Faces & Traces Of Home by Jamie Johnston will have any dance floor priding itself to be involved in such a collective groove. One of the deeper of the collection, this track still has a mood to it that will have not only your body moving in sync with the rest of the room but a grin will be immersed on everyone’s faces from ear-to-ear.

Jamie finishes off the release with Sunshine Stars. A twisted tale of chimes and arp’d pad builds. This track has a stunning theatrical feel to it that had me hooked throughout. Although it has a completely different feel to the other tracks it is by no means the weaker of the few. I will be looking for many environments to drop this track. 7 and a half minutes of progressed enjoyment.

A superb collection of tracks from start to finish and you would be silly not to get your hands in your pocket and support what is truly great talent indeed. Well done and thanks to all at Boogie Originals HQ for bringing this release to my attention.

With love,

Itchy Pig HQ

Craylo – Headtime Stories

The wise musicians are those who play what they can master.
Duke Ellington 


The topic of this thread is an act who certainly abides by the above quote, Craylo.  There is a distinct difference between artists that do well on the ‘enthusiast’ circuit so to speak and the mainstream avenue.  Now I am to make an assumption and forgive me if I’m wrong but I am thinking Craylo will be one of those very few acts that caters for both sides of this long-standing battle.

Now I know it is one of my own signings so many would say that I am bound to say this but I will proudly say that most of my artists are not for the masses.  Craylo are somewhat different.  Their new album holds what I think most (and I use that term carefully) modern albums are lacking – the ability to tell a story.  When I was younger I remember albums had such a flow from start to finish, sucking you in like a great book to an avid reader and it is very rare to come across this anymore.  Their debut album does just that.

Their opening track Caught Together has a modern touch to what could be referred to as ‘indie’ (no, not the Trilogy featuring Mr Ford) – amalgamating guitar sounds and drum patterns that fans of bands enjoy along with modern methods of sequencing and splicing that all MPC based fanatics will enjoy.  The second track on the album has a folk based guitar sample with the drums cut up almost as if Aphex Twin was in the studio.  The whole album manages to capture essences from all kinds of worlds with the ability to keep you listening from start to finish.

This track was featured on a Nokia promo video last year and probably for the same reason as I opened this article with.  The appeal manages to grab everyone.  To do this cannot be intentional as the avaricious listener is like a child in a sense – they can see through anything you put to them.  Most people make the music they want to create (and I don’t care what you have to say, this IS the only way to go about music) and it happens to only fit with certain listeners.

This personally is my favourite track on the album.   The beatless melody seems to grab you by the little fellas and takes you to another place.  The next track follows on from that and carries on the journey as if the last was merely an intro to what was to come.

I will finish this with their podcast that the duo (Chris Massey & Raoul Ray) put together for the label as a showcase of their sound through other peoples music (and one of their own of course).

I hope you enjoy this as much I have and will continue to.  The album will be out 2nd September from all major outlets.  Here is the official video for Define By Light

One Love,

All @ Itchy Pig

p.s. you can purchase their album here>>> http://www.junodownload.com/products/1817224-02.htm

It Has To Start Somewhere…

“I don’t care much about music. What I like is sounds.”
Dizzy Gillespie 

This says it all in my opinion (and I must express, it is only an opinion).  I have always struggled to contemplate and conclude what style of music I am into.  Granted this only really occurs when someone asks me that question, usually when I’m stood listening to an act or DJ.  “This perhaps” maybe is what I should be shouting but my calmness grabs a hold of me at the last second and holds me back.  Surely the obvious question should be “what are you NOT into”?

But this is the thing, I have never known what I am into and it’s down to what Dizzy put so correctly……  Sounds!  My missus will be the first to tell you this as every ally, passage tunnel or otherwise you will find me clapping frantically like a 7 year old sponsored by Tate & Lyle – simply to check the level of reverb.  How will this sound???  It’s stupid because I know already, yet it still overcomes me like an obsession.  My music will hopefully tell you this.  I am not one for doing what other people are doing.  Partly due to my leisure pursuit of being a recluse, but also because I want to make make music for no other reason than I really enjoy it. 

I must apologise for my manners.  Hello!  This is the blog for Itchy Pig Records.  A place where you will find songs, acts and artists alike based around what I like.  It is not a blog to feature only the labels own stuff.  I will be showcasing all varying types of madness, sounds and groove.  Some you may like and some that probably isn’t for you, however hopefully you will at least see where I am coming from.

I will end this entry and start this blog with a track from The Mythical Beasts (Toby Tobias & Felix Dickinson) called Communicate. 

Ciao for now and welcome to the pleasure home

Leeroy aka Sir Vinyl Instinct