Movies, scores and themes alike…

“A painter paints his pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.”
Leopold Stowoski

A short while ago I posted a little question up on Facebook. Now I have to be outspoken about that site, it inflames me a little if I’m honest. Now I’m not going to spill out this whole post rabbiting on about the damn thing. I just cannot see the point in letting everyone know I had toast for breakfast. But don’t get me wrong, it can be useful at times.

So much so when I produced a little question asking what are people’s favourite film score, soundtracks, or TV theme. The results that poured through were dam-busting. Within about an hour or so there must have been around 25 – 30 replies. I love the way in which people get enthralled and energetic regarding such topics. Probably why all my life I have force fed every type of music down my earlobian-gob.

This blog entry is aimed to give you an insight to what I thought was the best entries. Not to say the other ones are wrong in any way shape or formal. But it is my blog and therefore should be portrayed from my point of view, whether right or wrong.

Theme from Fletch:

Now this was sent to me a short while ago when I posted the Mythical Beasts ‘Communicate’ track as they pointed out that the synth medleys sounded similar (and yes, I did concur). The theme from Fletch was produced by Harold Faltermeyer. He also composed and wrote the theme tunes to many other 80s synth anthems such as Beverly Hills Cop’ Axel F (Awful but catchy I might add) and Top Gun Anthem (not the Kenny Loggins tune). He has also worked with the likes of Patti LaBelle (she recorded the Grover Washington balled “The best Is Yet To Come” while also appearing in The Colour Purple (another great film score from the great Mr Quincy Jones)), Blondie, Donna Summer and Bonnie Tyler to name but a few.

Lalo Schifrin – from Dirty Harry, Scorpio’s View

Now the whole reason I asked the question in the first place was because of two artists I was listening to that day. The first being Henry Mancini (who I will be covering down the line) followed by Lalo Schifrin. Now between the two of them and Mr Quincy, that covers around 70% of themes right there. There is no denying just how much talent these 3 had. Lalo wrote the themes to many of the classic films you know and love to this day: Bullit, Black Widow, Enter The Dragon, Most Wanted, Jaws, The Four Musketeers and more recently Mission Impossible and Rush Hour 2. A personal favourite however, although not a theme tune is Unicorn which he did with Dizzy Gillespie:

La Haine

I absolutely love this film. I first watched this when I was in school and we covered it for a French lesson and I was hooked from then (I still ended up failing my French exam mind). Above is Larry Blackmon’s Cameo push of Cardiac Arrest aka Funk Funk.

Another great of the film is Beastie Boys doing Groove Holmes

The film itself is based around the riots that break out in Vaulx-en-Velin, a depressed suburb of the French city Lyon, caused by anger from the killing of a young male in a car chase by the police. So with that in mind, you’d be surprised it features the disco gem by Ripple ‘The Beat goes On – A bongo-tastic vibe similar to The Incredible Bongo Band’ Apache. Well, until the vocals kick in mind.

Now being a great digger of Hip Hop originals for many years (I seem to own more originals than I do actual hip hop tracks), I had to include the battle routine performed by Cut Killer.

But what better way to do so with the opening of this little vid to feature That Loving Feeling by Isaac Hayes – being about films, let’s not forget the full score he did for Shaft.

Bladerunner – Vangelis

I put this one in here as I am working on a project with a good friend of mine which sounds very similar to this. The project, although not intentional, is sounding very much like a film score. With his likings of soundtracks and my passion for audible pictures, it is understandable why this has come about. So watch this space.


It’s amazing how quickly I forget things. I loved this film when I watched it a while back. When looking for the video to this, the one I found mentioned Burt Reynolds. This threw me off track a little and a little confused I started searching the internet. What amused me was the first thing that popped up was a take-away delivery service called; well you guessed it, Deliverance. After chuckling to myself I found the evidence there and then of the super-tasched Reynolds.

Enrico Nicola Mancini aka Henry Mancini

As most of the above were suggestions by other people, I have to end with my personal best (well, favourite for today’s mood anyhow) and as such is a person rather than a theme – Henry Mancini.

In case you don’t recognise his name (which I believe you should – no, honestly you should) then he is the one who wrote Pink Panther (of which Quincy did a great cover of).

He started by studying music but got drafted into the second world war. Once Hitler committed suicide with his newly married mistress, Mancini was free at last (he wasn’t captured by the way, just needed to point that out) to pursue his ultimate passion – music. After the war, he briefly joined the Glen Miller Orchestra as a pianist and arranger, and then moved to Universal Studios where, incredibly, he contributed music to well over 100 movies. His first awarded being The Glen Miller Story. After his time with Universal, he placed many titles under his belt. However he was mostly know for the likes of Peter Gunn, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, and Hitchcock’s film Frenzy (which was replaced at the last minute with Ron Goodwin’s work).

My favourite however has to be that of Baretta; which was an American detective series which featured a real-life New Jersey police officer David Toma. The version I am most fond of is the one done Mr Mancini.

So there you have it.  It is by no means a list of soundtrack scores suggested at the time.  It is by no means the ultimate list nor a selection of the best.  More of a snap-dhot of what was mentioned on that day.

Once love,

Leeroy aka Sir Vinyl Instinct
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