Trigoney – BongCong EP

Play the music, not the instrument. 
~Author Unknown

We stumbled upon Trigoney aka Mark North a few months back while hazily browsing through a stack of music that had been sent to us. After getting rather flustered by piles of nonsense we were taken back back the mesmirising sound of Bong Cong. Straight away we were hooked and got in touch that instant.

This EP will not fail. Each track is truely defiant on what uniqueness Trigoney holds.  The first track (entitled Bruce) is of a tech-house flavour but with more melody than what is normally associated with this genre.

Varying through styles and tempos, the second track kind of slows the sense of speed down, until it kicks into a blunder half way through.

The third and final track of the EP comes the track in which the EP got the title, and has to be my personal favourite.  BongCong is the more chilled of the trio, an is mesmerising from start to finish.

Mark is probably known more for his artwork than his music (I think that might change soon however).  An illustrator based in Bournmouth you will surely be hearing his music through various avenues and platforms. So sit back and enjoy the wonderful sound of Mr North aka Trigoney.

The release is out exclusivly through Juno records this Friday (16th September), and out everywhere else from the 23rd September:

So there you have it.  Support the artists, the labels and the people that make and push true music.

One love, music and soul,

Itchy Pig Records x

Toby Tobias

Music has charms to sooth a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.
William Congreve 

Now I must start by saying (well admitting really) that I have in my view a strange approach to music.  Artists that have built a solid name for themselves I often momentarily avoid.  Now this can sometimes lead me to miss out on classic sounds (obviously) that I am unaware who has created them.

I have always worked on the premise of finding the sounds involved within music.  When getting into house music I would concentrate more on who the samples were rather than the actual creator.  I have done this since I was about 16 and will probably do this for the rest of my life.  It isn’t out of ignorance that I sometimes ignore the people putting the bits together.  Like I said it is a strange approach – I simply like the elements involved.

In doing things this way, like I mentioned, I subconsciously avoid the person at the forefront due to my mind thinking hard about the elements.  That was definitely the case when I came across Toby Tobias.

It was a hazy Saturday night with friends scattered around our home.  Most (as usual) were congregated in the kitchen (probably due to this being where the booze is mind) when a friend came running in from he living room.  “Come check this!” (this being one of his catchphrases by the way).  Off I went.  Sat down, ears prepped, I waited for that favourite triangle to be pressed.

It started with a crash.  Then the gated beat commenced.  A steady uprising of breathing sounds used instead of claps.  Cowbells steadily introduced as the groove entices you into wanting more. An unusual and wonderful drive of what a lot of people would describe as Techno (it’s not, it’s deep house in essence but we’ll save that for another day).  But this is just the beginning.  After wondering where the journey will take us, the pads hit your ears.  Bang!  The tracks has taken a turn… for the great – welcome to intelligent dance music.  Welcome to IDM.

The track of course is none other that the release on Tirk Records, Chick Chick.  From here on in I was hooked.  Now I have to say that browsing through his catalogue that not all is like this.  And this is the sign of true talent.  Not all of it you will like.  When people create sounds for their own enjoyment, their true passions and enjoyment is at the forefront of their creations.  No two tracks are the same and In my opinion is how music should be.  Create for yourself and those that like it will listen.

Fast forward and we are now at Electric Elephant.  The opening boat party, we are presented with two greats presenting their findings for their Love From Outer Space movement.  A night that never knowingly crosses the 120bpm border.  I am of course talking about Sean Johnston & Andrew Weatherall.  The boat sets sail and Sean begins with this audio astonishment of melody and atmosphere.  “who the hell is this” I ask.  Mythical Beasts was replied.

The moment I hit back in the UK I piloted myself across the many pages of the web and was astonished to see that it was a collaboration of two minds – Felix Dickinson and of course, Mr Tobias.  This was around the time I started this blog and had to use this track as the opening to my words.  The track, Communicate.

Quality ears, sound chap.

Itchy x