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The wise musicians are those who play what they can master.
Duke Ellington 


The topic of this thread is an act who certainly abides by the above quote, Craylo.  There is a distinct difference between artists that do well on the ‘enthusiast’ circuit so to speak and the mainstream avenue.  Now I am to make an assumption and forgive me if I’m wrong but I am thinking Craylo will be one of those very few acts that caters for both sides of this long-standing battle.

Now I know it is one of my own signings so many would say that I am bound to say this but I will proudly say that most of my artists are not for the masses.  Craylo are somewhat different.  Their new album holds what I think most (and I use that term carefully) modern albums are lacking – the ability to tell a story.  When I was younger I remember albums had such a flow from start to finish, sucking you in like a great book to an avid reader and it is very rare to come across this anymore.  Their debut album does just that.

Their opening track Caught Together has a modern touch to what could be referred to as ‘indie’ (no, not the Trilogy featuring Mr Ford) – amalgamating guitar sounds and drum patterns that fans of bands enjoy along with modern methods of sequencing and splicing that all MPC based fanatics will enjoy.  The second track on the album has a folk based guitar sample with the drums cut up almost as if Aphex Twin was in the studio.  The whole album manages to capture essences from all kinds of worlds with the ability to keep you listening from start to finish.

This track was featured on a Nokia promo video last year and probably for the same reason as I opened this article with.  The appeal manages to grab everyone.  To do this cannot be intentional as the avaricious listener is like a child in a sense – they can see through anything you put to them.  Most people make the music they want to create (and I don’t care what you have to say, this IS the only way to go about music) and it happens to only fit with certain listeners.

This personally is my favourite track on the album.   The beatless melody seems to grab you by the little fellas and takes you to another place.  The next track follows on from that and carries on the journey as if the last was merely an intro to what was to come.

I will finish this with their podcast that the duo (Chris Massey & Raoul Ray) put together for the label as a showcase of their sound through other peoples music (and one of their own of course).

I hope you enjoy this as much I have and will continue to.  The album will be out 2nd September from all major outlets.  Here is the official video for Define By Light

One Love,

All @ Itchy Pig

p.s. you can purchase their album here>>>

It Has To Start Somewhere…

“I don’t care much about music. What I like is sounds.”
Dizzy Gillespie 

This says it all in my opinion (and I must express, it is only an opinion).  I have always struggled to contemplate and conclude what style of music I am into.  Granted this only really occurs when someone asks me that question, usually when I’m stood listening to an act or DJ.  “This perhaps” maybe is what I should be shouting but my calmness grabs a hold of me at the last second and holds me back.  Surely the obvious question should be “what are you NOT into”?

But this is the thing, I have never known what I am into and it’s down to what Dizzy put so correctly……  Sounds!  My missus will be the first to tell you this as every ally, passage tunnel or otherwise you will find me clapping frantically like a 7 year old sponsored by Tate & Lyle – simply to check the level of reverb.  How will this sound???  It’s stupid because I know already, yet it still overcomes me like an obsession.  My music will hopefully tell you this.  I am not one for doing what other people are doing.  Partly due to my leisure pursuit of being a recluse, but also because I want to make make music for no other reason than I really enjoy it. 

I must apologise for my manners.  Hello!  This is the blog for Itchy Pig Records.  A place where you will find songs, acts and artists alike based around what I like.  It is not a blog to feature only the labels own stuff.  I will be showcasing all varying types of madness, sounds and groove.  Some you may like and some that probably isn’t for you, however hopefully you will at least see where I am coming from.

I will end this entry and start this blog with a track from The Mythical Beasts (Toby Tobias & Felix Dickinson) called Communicate. 

Ciao for now and welcome to the pleasure home

Leeroy aka Sir Vinyl Instinct